YES, No matter how you cut it (get it???) the vinyl siding that Siding Companies in Tulsa have been selling for years has been predominately “Vinyl Siding” and Vinyl Siding is actually NO DIFFERENT THAN PLASTIC SIDING! It’s just a fancy word that the companies use to make it sound like the product that they are selling is of a higher value than it really is…In fact there are actually movie documentaries on vinyl siding that talk about how bad it is as a product in general like this documentary called “Blue Vinyl”

Here is the trailer for the movie called Blue Vinyl:

At Tulsa Renew, We believe that we should be aware of the environment and this is one of the MANY reasons that we decided long ago to not entertain the idea of installing vinyl siding on Tulsa homes. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is environmentally responsible and has an outstanding record for being a safe product that is extremely long lasting. You can find out more about James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding in Tulsa OK on the James Hardie Siding Website and as always feel free to give us a ring anytime to speak with someone in our office about the product or services that we offer for you Tulsa Siding Project!
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Steven Jones
Tulsa Renew