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We have been constructing outdoor living spaces like this patio for years at Tulsa Renew… Although most people know us for our siding work we absolutely love mixing it up and doing this kind of patio construction as well as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Mitch & Krysta loved the Tulsa Siding job that we did for them so much, that when it came time to improve their Tulsa patio design area, they were ecstatic to find out that we do patios too.
Here’s one of our recent projects that includes a Tulsa Patio and Outdoor Fireplace. We are excited to see the transformation that we’ve made to the home of the Ketter Family in mid-town Tulsa.
Here’s another recent Tulsa Patios by Tulsa Renew project that you can find here! This one is spectacular and was actually a 50th wedding anniversary gift to each other.
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