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Chuck Misener called Tulsa Renew and was really excited about renovating his 1920s historic home in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We replaced all of the siding with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding that was similar to the original look at the home in the 1920s. There were some challenging but fun areas on this home such as the soffit and facia that were original that we decided to keep and renovate with the home exterior project. We replaced most of the brackets on the homes that were holding up the soffit and repaired and painted the car siding soffit to keep with the original look of the home. It really turned out great and I hope you enjoy the video of the before and after!

We cut our teeth working on historic properties in Tulsa and really have a passion for restoring these old homes that have such great aesthetic aspects! Please give us a call anytime and Stephen our owner will come out and do a design consultation with you on a time that works for your schedule!

Such a fun project! The Dotsons called and said “make my house look awesome Steven“ so I got to work with a new color palette, new cedar accents on the front such as the front porch post, new shutters and then we painted the front door tricorn black to let the cedar accents really pop. We also installed new gutters and painted the side stairs that they had going up to the second floor as well as installing one new window. Love these projects!

On this project we removed all of the existing siding and placed it in a dumpster on site because we are obsessed with keeping things clean during the project and organized. We then Installed new custom flashing and Tyvek moisture barrier to all the sidewalls to receive the new James Hardie fiber cement siding that will make this Tulsa home come to life!

The goal of this project was to make this home is maintenance free as possible while keeping an immaculate curb appeal and a timeless look. We at Tulsa Renew siding company feel like this was achieved using the siding and the incorporated accents.

Mr. and Mrs. Tiller came to me with specifics regarding design on this Tulsa siding project. Because of the dimensional lumber that is used but in fiber cement products we were able to achieve it! With James Hardie fiber cement products in Tulsa Oklahoma we can actually mimic or replace exact replicas of different profiles and designs that could only be achieved previously by using wood products that would eventually need extra maintenance or completely replaced.

It’s so much fun turning a family loved home into a dream. We have the best time with these transformations in Tulsa which is why we are the highest ranked siding company in the Tulsa area and love to when our clients over with over communication and great customer service!

When the Kimball‘s came to me asking for an update on their home they had several problems. There was a window in the backyard that was leaking and had rotted out the substrate as well as some of the sheet rock on the interior of the home. We were able to fix all of this with this project. We removed all of the siding from the walls, installed new 7/16 OSB and then installed moisture barrier, hardy trim and James Hardie fiber cement siding in a grained lap.

This all came together beautifully and they are so happy with the final product which makes all of us at Tulsa Renew extremely happy for another job well done from the highest ranked in customer service siding company in Tulsa!

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