Our Tulsa Renew home exterior color palettes to love has proven to be full of exciting color palettes which focus on darker shades, blues, grey and varying whites.  I’ve put together a few of our tried and true paint combinations to share with you. Stop searching through paint samples and picking up those annoying chips that get lost in the car.  Start taking action and testing out some of these beauties!

Picking your colors on a project, especially a project that you will not have to paint again unless you just want to such as a Tulsa Renew Siding Project can be quite the task but we can help with over 20 years of experience with helping our clients pull up to their home and absolutely LOVE the home that they have always had in a new light! You can switch things up with wall colors, accents and trim to make the most inviting combination that you could ever imagine for you home.

Sometimes the goal that you are going for should be simple and clean…many home builders in Tulsa of the past 4 decades have complicated this by adding too much trim and not enough clean lines which we can correct at Tulsa Renew by adding the lines and accents that are subtle but add so much to your home by bringing together class and simplicity to your design. Steven, Our owner and designer is a huge part of this process and will get you to a place where you can just sit back and watch the transformation that you will LOVE!

We will meet with you anytime at your home to discuss any ideas that you might have and to help you from our perspective on your design!

Thank you!

Steven Jones

Owner, Tulsa Renew