There are way too many colors to chose from these days. Tulsa is filled with different styles and colors to accompany these different styles. Tutor, ranch, colonial and county French are just a few we have in the City of Tulsa and all demand different color pallets. Here are the three home characteristics that I focus on to help with developing the right path to color combinations for your house:

Roof Color

If your roof is relatively new and is going to be around for while with no need to replace it, we will try our best to find a color that compliments its accent colors or undertone colors of the existing roof color as to not cause extra expense to our home owners but to instead work with what we have and do our best with it. Fortunately there has been a trend in Tulsa and the surrounding areas that we are doing exterior projects on to have a shingle that is made by several manufactures called Weatherwood. Weatherwood is a color of shingle that is very similar across all of the roofing manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning and Tamko. This color is what I would call “neutral” for roof color and has a slight charcoal type color to it. This makes it very easy to blend colors with it and keeps most colors from contrasting in a negative way. Your roof takes up a lot of realestate on your house so we need to be conscience of this for color reasons. Sherwin Williams has some amazing colors that have really true undertones to choose from that a lot of my clients love!

Window Color

The colors of your window on your home (if not replacing them with the siding project) are another crucial element in deciding what colors will coincide with your home, especially the trim aspect of your home. Typically a great style rule to keep with for homes in Tulsa is the rule that there are 3 different aspects to the house colors that I will go over in the last section. The reason that the current window color comes into play here is that the window color can not be changed easily or at all because of the material that the window is made of such as vinyl or aluminum. Wood windows that are in a ton of historic homes we work on in the Utica, Maple Ridge or Swan Lake neighborhoods are easier to paint and bring back to life with new glazing and paint. We need to pick a color for the trim around the window that we replace with James Hardie Fiber Cement Trim in various widths that will be accented with this trim color.

Masonry Color 

Brick, stone and mortar colors are all things to consider when choosing the right body color for your home. These all need to be payed attention to because they are overly apparent in the front of the house where partial masonry areas are usually large accent components to Tulsa home construction. Sometimes I will try to bring out a accent from a stone color or brick color but more often with the natural brown Oklahoma sandstone, I need to try to diminish the dominating abruptness of that appearance with colors that will neutralize.

3 Uses of Colors on Your Home

Wall Color or Body Color 

  • The wall or body color as some call it is obviously the most prominent color that you will pick for the broadest areas on your home. It is the color that will have the largest responsibility in blending with the roof, brick, stone and mortar color. Picking body colors that do not have strange undertones such as a gray with a purple tinge is very important. I help my clients go through this color selection process by placing large swatches on the clients house that are in consideration of the above existing elements of their home.

Trim Color

  • Areas for trim colors on homes in Tulsa look fabulous in these 3 areas:
    • Around Windows
    • Around Doors
  • Fascia 

(Sometimes on the corners of the house but not to make the house to “boxy” so they trim color is left off often as to keep the new paint style fresh and slightly more contemporary)

This is where we need to be considerate of the window color and the trim color that we choose because it will be surrounding the windows.

Accent color

  • This color is typically reserved for a fun or classy element to the house and can be crucial in bringing out some special character to your home…Here are the ares that I love to use bring out a bit of pop:
    • Shutter Color
    • Front Door

If you would like for me to visit with you about the design for your home I would be more that happy to meet you at your home anytime that works for your schedule…You will find that we are very much different from the typical construction company and are excited about transforming your home into the look and functionality you will love to live with every day!

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Steven Jones