homeowner-guide-hardiepanel-vertical-sidingFiber cement siding solutions made by James Hardie are among the industry’s leading siding solutions thanks to their great value, durability, and extraordinary aesthetic appeal. One of their most popular options is the HardiePanel® vertical siding.
Let’s review some of its unique and most valuable features.

Versatile For Any Home Design

Vertical siding is an excellent option for drawing focus to the architectural features of your home. It can be used in combination with other kinds of James Hardie siding options, such as horizontal panels or HardieShingles® for contrast. Another advantage of HardiePanel® vertical siding is that it can give wider homes a taller appearance.
HardiePanel® vertical siding is available with James Hardie’s ColorPlus® technology. This proprietary technology means that each panel is coated multiple times and between each coat, the finish is cured. The result is a baked-on bond that delivers a perfectly even and consistent color with superior UV protection. Offered in an extraordinary array of colors, your siding is guaranteed not to fade, peel, or chip.
HardiePanel® vertical siding also comes in an excellent variety of texture options including Select Cedarmill, Stucco, and Smooth. Thanks to this incredible variety of color and texture options, you’re sure to find the right choice that will best complement your home’s design and architectural features. You can also opt to get your HardiePanel® vertical siding pre-primed so that you can paint it yourself.

Outstanding Resistance Against the Elements

We all know that the weather in the Tulsa, OK area can vary greatly from month to month. Dampness and cold in the winter followed by extreme heat and sun exposure in the summer can cause wood siding solutions to crack, rot, or fade. HardiePanel® vertical siding, on the other hand, is engineered to take just about anything that our climate can throw at it.
James Hardie fiber cement siding offers even more durability and protection because it’s fire resistant and won’t ignite when exposed to a direct flame.
HardiePanel® vertical siding comes with a 30-year transferable and non-prorated warranty. All that adds up to giving you decades of worry-free and low maintenance siding that will greatly enhance the appearance of your home.
If you’d like to find out more about HardiePanel® vertical siding, or any other James Hardie cement fiber siding solution, contact the friendly experts at Tulsa Renew today. We’ll be glad to schedule a free siding consultation for your Tulsa home.