There are many siding options when it comes to your home but you should not treat them the same as they are all different. Each siding offers its own benefits and features but your professional siding contractor should be able to help you determine which siding is best.
If you pay special attention to siding surfaces you might notice some are smooth and others have more of a grainy texture. This texture can actually make a difference on the appearance of your home from afar and up close. The way the light hits it will also affect how the texture looks and could add character to your home.

Varieties of Siding Textures

If you have much knowledge in the siding industry you are likely aware of the name ‘James Hardie’ for their best selling siding; HardiPlank®. This particular siding is made with fiber cement and provides countless texture possibilities. You also have a choice on width preference from 5.25 inches up to 12 inches. Certain locations offer ColorPlus® Technology so you can choose from many colors for your siding. The color is baked on so it lasts much longer than traditional painted siding.
In addition, James Hardie manufactures siding made just for the Tulsa/ Mid-West climate. This siding is able to withstand the hottest temperatures; sun fades most exterior surfaces and quickly. With James Hardie siding you can be assured your siding will handle the hot temps, will not peel or flake and will resist moisture. So the performance of this particular siding is exceptional as is the appearance and quality so you’re putting only the best materials on your home.

4 HardiePlank Texture Siding Options for a More Natural Appearance

1 – Smooth

Smooth texture provides a smooth, clean appearance. Yes, smooth siding is a more simple, basic design but it’s versatility is what intrigues homeowners. It’s suitable for all home types but is often seen on coastal or ranch homes.

2 – Beaded Smooth

If you like the clean look of the smooth, but don’t want something as basic, consider the beaded smooth siding. Featuring a beaded edge to provide a more tailored and sleek finish, beaded smooth siding is a contemporary alternative for those wanting to update their traditional home.

3 – Cedarmill

If you love the appearance of natural cedar wood, you will like the cedarmill texture. It’s on the softer side and looks just like the real thing. Ideal for any home or property such as for retreats, chalets and it can even be found on ranch structures and homes.

4 – Beaded Cedarmill

If your home is more like a bungalow or cottage, the beaded cedarmill will only enhance the appeal of your home. The coastal communities are the inspiration behind the beaded cedarmill design. This texture offers a charming appeal that also adds character to the home.
Choosing siding for your home is a very serious decision but our Tulsa Renew siding team are here to make it easy. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you discover the perfect siding for your home.