Premium Stone Siding in Tulsa
Enjoy the breathtaking elegance of stone.
The appearance of stone fuses strength, endurance, boldness and charm. Tulsa Renew’s complete and unique range of created stone veneer profiles, along with its rich color scheme, provide a classic feel, while reducing the high cost, weight and waste impacts related to quarried stone.

Almost everybody in Tulsa prefers the look of natural stone. Yet, real stone is incredibly weighty, high-priced, and time consuming to build with. Our stone siding product gets around all of these limitations… it’s kind of like 3-dimensional wallpaper, and any sturdy wall surface will be sufficient. Furthermore, since it is custom-ordered from right here in Tulsa, you can get colors and styles that you might be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Plus, we can provide custom colors to match your distinct design and style needs. It’s also possible to utilize it in spots where natural rock just will not work, particularly in interior areas such as kitchens or decorative walls.

Manufactured rock is actually a cast concrete product that is created to look and feel just like real thing. The manufacturing technique begins with the creation of a set of rubberized molds. First, the high-quality, representative natural stones (with varying figures and textures-the variety that will look just like our customers want) are chosen. Then these stones are used as masters to build the molds.

As soon as the shapes are ready, a combination of Portland cement, lightweight aggregate, water, and iron oxide coloration pigments, is prepared and poured into the molds. There are a variety of processes to reach the hue and shade variations that each homeowner wants. After the blend dries, the finished stone product is removed from the mold. Then it is cured for a few days, and finally deliver it to the customer’s home.

Tulsa Renew offers comprehensive stone siding services, beginning with custom stone choices, to final installation.