Artisan® siding goes above and beyond the standard aesthetics of plank siding. With its thicker boards, juts and grooves, this siding provides the perfect textural design to any home. The Artisan® planks look as though they layer on top of one another to provide a shadowed effect to any siding, giving your home’s exterior literal dimension and showcasing the design and color of each board impeccably.

Each panel is designed to mimic the natural grains and texture of true cedar wood, but as a fiber cement product, it is water and fire resistant and does not attract pests in the same manner as solid wood planking. The siding is also engineered for a broad set of weather conditions, including dry climates and humidity, giving it a lasting durability regardless of the climate in which you may live.

Artisan® siding is designed with tongue and groove assembly, making it an extremely stable and secure home siding product. Artisan® siding is one of the most lightweight materials for home exteriors, but surpasses the quality and durability of most other siding materials on the market, while also requiring less upkeep and maintenance. With over 15 years of research poured into this product, it is truly an item of luxury and for any homebuyer looking to redo their current siding.

Although Artisan® siding comes in primarily one style option, it does come in a variety of colors to create your home’s perfect look. If you desire your home to have a lavish appeal that sets it apart from every other home, Artisan® siding is the choice for you!

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