Wow! What a transformation! This classic Tulsa siding project didn’t come without its challenges but we are so happy with the outcome. Mike and Vikkie called my office to set up an appointment, we met and had the best time designing this timeless look for there Tulsa Woodward park home.

The previous homeowner had installed Vinyl siding and it wasn’t holding up well to the harsh Oklahoma weather, Mike even had a spot on the back wall where his grill was that was curled up from the heat of a BBQ grill getting to close to the vinyl siding. On the west wall of this home below the flat roof balcony area, was the biggest problem. Because of water getting behind the vinyl siding, the framing of that wall was rotten out so badly that you could literally scope them out with your hand, a window even fell out and we had to reinstall it after making the framing repairs to the opening.

The sheetrock on the interior had to be repaired from all of the unseen damage so we took care of that as well. The James Hardie siding on this home is a classic 8 1/4” grained lap siding called “cedar mill”. This siding has a nice grained finish to it but looks classy and not too rustic. The paint color I choose for them is Sherwin Williams Alabaster White and the shutter/front door color is Sherwin Williams Seal Skin. We also repositioned the back patio lights as well the front porch lights from the sides of the porch to either side of the front door.

Thank you Mike and Vikkie for letting us work for you and I hope you enjoy your home for years to come!

Sincerely, Steven Jones, Owner Tulsa Renew. Give us a call at 918-960-1639.