Welcome back to our blog! I really want to focus on a complete picture here…What happens too often in my business is that there is a individual that might have come from a construction background (such as myself) but because of that background they have a major case of tunnel vision by way of the task of installing siding on your home is just something that is so incredibly redundant to them that they don’t look at the big picture of the total pack for a siding project in Tulsa. There are so many elements to this project that you are going to be investing your hard earned money into that you need someone not to skip over the details to just get the project finished and be super transactional about it…You need someone like us at Tulsa Renew to take a look at your house from over 26 years of experience and SOLVE THE PROBLEMS that your home is obviously and not so obviously telling us that it has. Between my production manager, Joe and myself we have completed thousands of “home surgeries” and its something that we LOVE! It’s the best feeling in the world to have a client find us, build trust in us and do what is best for their home. Again, there are just way too many, what I call “transactional contractors” out there that have such TUNNEL VISION it’s unbelievable! Most of these siding contractors in Tulsa have worked for me, Tulsa Renew Siding Company or Burnett Siding in Tulsa and we would both tell you that there is a not so great reason employment was so short with us as installation teams. It was most likely a reason such as horrible attitudes when it came to correcting something to our standards, awful attitudes on the job-site (your home) or just simply unbelievable ignorance in the proper installation of siding in Tulsa or not wanting to spend the time necessary with one of our certified crews before going out on their own to install and give you the best experience possible. They come and go, make huge claims about who they are and what they can offer but they will not be around in 5-6 years because this is the average time that a construction business stays around in Tulsa. There is a huge lack of business sense and an outlook of client relationships as well as longterm thinking needed to keep the customer happy.

Here at Tulsa Renew Siding Company, we believe that you and your home should have nothing but the BEST when it comes to your remodeling needs and this means:


  • Steven the owner is the one to assess your project and make sure EVERYTHING is covered when it comes to the exterior of your home! Here are some of the items that Steven will assess for your exterior project:
    • Flashing
    • Gutters
    • Siding Condition
    • Trim Condition
    • Sealant Condition
    • Window and Door Installation
    • Window and Door Condition
    • Fascia Condition
    • Drip Board Condition
    • Soffit  Condition
    • Ventilation Condition
    • Chimney Condition
    • Moisture Barrier Condition
    • Sheathing Condition
    • Decking Condition
    • Water Table Transitions
    • Clearance of Transitional Points
    • Weak Points of Current Installations
    • Overall Construction of Your Home
    • Deck Transitions
    • Water Issues
    • Sealant Weak Points
    • Shingle Overhang Clearances
    • Proper Drip Edge Flashing Installation
    • Areas in Need of Water Diversion
    • Garage Door Frame
    • Garage Door

Because of the years of experience behind me and my team, we can solve almost any issues you have or at least point you in the right direction because we focus on superior Siding, Patio, Window and Door projects in Tulsa.

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Steven Jones


Tulsa Renew Siding Company