Many homeowners in Tulsa ask “How Long Does The Paint Last” and this is such a great question! The technology of paint has changed so much over the years that you would not believe the difference of what 20 years has done. The make up of the paint started out mainly being lead based and then oil based became more popular only to find out there there where some crazy health risks with the lead based paint over time…In my option the health risks are not so bad until you start making the particles of the lead based paint airborne like when you sand the lead based surface of the home because of the lead particles entering your airways causing huge health risks. 

So basically these days we have some extremely safe latex paints that will last a REALLY LONG TIME…Especially when the paint is applied to the right type of surface such as fiber cement siding…Hardie Siding in Tulsa is the BEST option for you and your home because of its long lasting attributes considering the insane weather changes that we get gifted to us every year here in Oklahoma. The surface of the James Hardie Siding in Tulsa is one that has maximum adhesion because it is concrete. Concrete is a better surface to paint than wood because it is not as porous and is a stable product that does not expand or contract. I have painted so many homes over the years I can not even count and the homes that we have used the Sherwin Williams Tulsa Paint on along with the James Hardie Siding in Tulsa and HAVE NOT HAD ONE ISSUE with this amazing combination…One SUPER IMPORTANT note is to talk about the installation of the siding and the paint. You can have a really great product but if it is not installed correctly than all of it is absolutely rubbish! I think that the general perception of painting is that it is “easy” and “anyone or any contractor” can get it done but this is a HUGE misunderstanding! There is absolutely a right way and a wrong way to handle the installation of the paint on your homes Hardie Siding in Tulsa. If the paint coatings are not applied properly, it will lead to failure without a doubt.

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