As I have said many times in other blogs…”It’s all about the install”! You can have the best product in the world but if the installation is not EXACTLY how the manufacturer has defined it to be by the book, it is TRASH!
First off…In this business you DONT WANT TO GO WITH THE CHEAP GUY because one of two this will be happening with the “cheap” or “affordable” guy that will be working on you HOME and here they are:



These are 2 areas of your project that you CAN NOT “AFFORD” to to cheap out on! If you are getting cheap labor then that obviously means that you are getting UNSKILLED labor and this is is a receipt for disaster when it comes to the Tulsa Siding Project that you are investing so heavily in and you should only have to do this ONE TIME! 
To avoid this make sure that you are choose a company with a really great online reputation on google (more than 100 reviews are the best guys…if they have less I would question how long they have been in business???) and look for how that company and initial communication goes and what feeling you get from the person that reaches out to your inquiry either by phone or a form that you fill out online…A GREAT TEST is filling out a form online and assessing how long it takes for the company to respond to that inquiry online with a phone call to you asking you about what you might need by way of a project for your home in Tulsa.
I started Tulsa Renew Siding Company with the pursuit to blow away all of the typical “Stupid Contractor Mistakes” like not showing up late, not showing up at all and being HIGHLY responsive everyday! 
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Steven Jones
Tulsa Renew