Over the 17 years of being in this business I have found that there are many siding contractors in this city that all do the same things and they are not particularly good things throughout this construction industry in Tulsa…Here is a list of the things that I see that Tulsa Renew strive to do better than other Siding Companies in Tulsa everyday…and I mean that…It is a true EVERYDAY practice that we must do to be able to deliver the “Ultimate Client Experience’ for EVERY client EVERYDAY!
The Typical Siding Company in Tulsa Does Not:
1. Answer their phone
2. Return their phone calls in a timely manor (less than 1 hour)
3. Respond to the contact forms online that you as a customer would fill out…My feeling is, how in the world are you to trust a contractor to take care of your home and be a effective communicator during a project on your home if when you reach out to them for the first time , they take forever (more than a day) or even never respond by phone to your inquiry online for your project???
4. Most contractors are incredibly “transactional” and not “relational”…This is a huge issue to me and should be for you as the customer. A transactional contractor or business is one that cares more about the money and not about the customer. If the contractor is relational he or she will be all about making you happy and making sure that things are going well before, during and AFTER the project is complete. When a contractor is relational they will be there years after the project is complete to make sure that all of your needs are taken care of and not drop the ball when it comes to warranty claims. A true sign of this is how they handle the communication during your project, if the contractor doesn’t keep in touch during while they need to make sure that you are satisfied for the project to be completed how are you to believe that they will be around 5 years after the project is complete? Remember that the stat for the average construction company to stay in business in Tulsa is between 3-5 years…This means that most of the companies out there that are owner operated businesses will most likely “rob Peter to pay Paul” for this amount of time of 3-5 years before it catches up to them and they have to scrape to go out of business or file bankruptcy. You don’t want to do business with people you don’t get a good feeling for that might turn out to be “transactional” business people!
5. Not certified with the product that they are installing on your home! Make sure that you are aware of the status of the contractors certification from the manufacturer of the product that they are installing on your home before you sign up with them and spend your hard earned money trying to invest wisely into your home for the longterm. If a contractor is not certified then they are most likely not going to be able to install the product on your home according to specifications which will not allow you to have any type of warranty from the manufacturer of the product that they are installing.
These are just a few of the issues with contractors that I have seen through almost two decades of being in this business and I hope that this insight has been informative/helpful to you in regards to choosing the right person for the job.
If you have any questions please feel free to call anytime or CLICK HERE to reach out to us and we will respond within 30 minutes to talk to you about your project and ideas that you have about your home!
Thank you so much for reading!
Steven Jones
Tulsa Renew