Just getting ready to start our work out at Rick Couri’s home from KRMG (102.3) and we are super excited about it!
I have been in this business for just over 17 years and it is always changing for the better with better technology, better products, more effective ways to install the products and better computer programs to show off your ideas and renderings of how things could look on someones home for the “visual” prospect that is out there looking to make the huge but money well spent investment into their home.
Rick choose us for 5 reasons:

1. The Highest Ranked Siding Company for Customer Service in Tulsa

2. Highest Quality Certified Installations

3. Classiest Look

4. Longest Lasting Product


When you put all of this together you get a killer combination that will give you the best results possible for you as a consumer and only have to do this product ONCE. The alternative to this is trying to save a little money but ending up with headaches that NEVER go away caused by a contractor that did not communicate properly, poor quality installations and your STUCK with it FOREVER!
I heard a classic quote from an unknown that I thought fits perfectly for this blog:
“Buy The Best And Only Cry Once”
This statement could not be more true especially when it comes to a construction project in Tulsa. In construction there is an element that will NEVER have a shortcut or a cheap alternative and that is the “Human Element”. If you go cheap in this business the human element is the one thing that will be “cheaper” than that of the contractor that is more expensive. You never want to cheap out on the human element…The guys that are the ones actually putting their hands on your home is the most crucial part of the entire project and without a great installation, there is not a good product.
CLICK HERE to listen to Rick Couri talk about our initial meeting and how things went for him at the first meeting!
Thank you so much for your time and we would LOVE to talk to you about your project.
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Steven Jones
Tulsa Renew