What I see most often in Tulsa is that the installation of the siding is the problem and the Hardie Siding Product itself is not the problem! THIS IS WAY IT IS CRAZY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT COMPANY FOR YOUR INSTALLATION!!! ✅ 
As an expert witness in the Tulsa court system for siding projects that have gone wrong, I have seen an unbelievably amount of absolutely messed up projects and guess what…They all come down to WHO installed them and HOW they installed the siding products!


Roofing companies that try to make Siding Installations as a part of “What they do” makes up the largest group of companies that I am called on for these types of court cases unfortunately. 

Yes, they are in construction and might sound like they know what they are talking about 
Yes, They might have done a siding repair for a neighbor after a storm roof replacement 
NO! Most likely they HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING when it comes to “Expert Siding Installations” of ANY type and will scramble around to find a sub-contractor or even worst, use their ROOFERS to install the SIDING! 

Just RUN if you run into a siding company in Tulsa that says that they install James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding! Here are some pics of a project that I was a expert witness in court in Tulsa and had to fix all of this for a lady that got completely ripped off…The crazy thing is that the roof looked awesome and seemed to be installed properly but the siding…Well, just take a look at it for yourself! What a nightmare and it cost Sharon a ton of money and time to get this fixed right and try to get her money back from this particular roofer:

So, its ALWAYS a good idea to thoroughly check out the siding installations of the company that you are getting ready to hire to install the siding on your home!
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