Such a great idea to add some cedar, oak or walnut to your Tulsa Siding Project and give your home the “pop” that it deserves. You can always CLICK HERE to see some examples of wood accents that we have done over the years on Home Siding Projects in Tulsa for the past 17 years. There are 2 ways to approach these types of design accents for your Tulsa Siding whether it be using a real wood or using the James Hardie Siding that Tulsa Renew has to offer that not any other Tulsa Siding Companies can offer.
Garage Doors for the Accent
Painted Wood Shutters

Stained Wood Shutters 

Corbels or Brackets Around Awnings or Posts 
Accented Stucco and Tutor Styles 

Stained Posts and Beams Around the Front Porch Areas
Boxed in Bay Window Areas 

We would LOVE to meet with you to talk about your design whether it be trendy, classy or a healthy mix of both! 
CLICK HERE to book an appointment with us and we will respond within 30 minutes to talk to you about your project or ideas!
As always, thank you so much for checking out Tulsa Renew and it would be our pleasure to serve you and your home with the ultimate client experience!
Steven Jones
Tulsa Renew