As you can imagine there are several options that you can choose from for siding on your home… I actually like to check out the clients home with them to the best fit for them. You can do a range of products from cheap vinyl siding look to James Hardie fiber cement siding and even brick or stucco.

Most of the styles of siding in Tulsa call for and genuine would look sighting. If you look around you’ll notice warm looking homes that are inviting and have a great curb appeal for the most part. If the house does not have good curb appeal we can definitely help with that by adding accents and picking a wonderful color palette to go along with the project. When I’m helping a client choose a siding option, 90% of the time we land on James Hardy fiber cement siding in Tulsa because of several different bullet points and here is a list of just a few:

-The Look… look of James Hardie fiber cement in Tulsa is far superior to other options in the market right now. It has the appearance of wood in the warmth of wood but does not have the maintenance of a wood siding product. You can get this product in smooth or grain profile and you can also do this in many different options as shown in the pictures below… You can decide to go with a lap siding or you could do a vertical siding to get that farmhouse look that you’ve always wanted. Sometimes accents of a home in Tulsa we do a straight edge for a staggered edge shingle which really adds to more of a warm cottage type feel.

The durability of this product is second to none… If Tulsa Renew installs it has a lifetime warranty on it including a lifetime warranty on the paint and finish of the product which no other company in Tulsa Will ever have because we are the only elite siding installer through James Hardie siding company

-The Cost… Believe it or not there are companies in Tulsa that sell vinyl siding that is even more expensive then the James Hardie Siding in Tulsa that we are installing every day on homes. I am shocked at the estimates that I see from time to time. Years ago we used to be the most expensive In town because the product was more of a novelty and now it’s become more of a recognized durable commodity. Sales appointment where my estimate came in $2000 less than a vinyl siding project. My soon to be customer said to me “no one in the right mind would choose plastic trailer house siding over the Hardy board siding so we’re definitely going to have that done”. It just blows my mind that vinyl siding could be more expensive than the fiber cement products these days. Although this is not always the case because there are some extremely cheap vinyl siding options out there but in this business as I have said in the past… You definitely get what you pay for and you don’t want to skimp on one of your biggest investments, your home!

-The Warranty… when you install with Tulsa Renew, you get a warranty that last your lifetime and is also transferable to the next homeowner. It’s a great benefit to having a certified installation with the company that has been in business for over 18 years now! You can trust that things will be done right the first time and the communication, cleanliness and on budget Will happen on every project. We’ve taken the really stupid contractor moves like trying to charging more at the end of the job out of the equation by never doing that. I’m sure if you choose Tulsa Renew you will be very happy with the outcome as you can see that many of our clients are you extremely happy with her home and most of the time we exceed their expectations by adding fun details to the house at the never expected! 

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Steven Jones


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