Over the years Tulsa renew has become the highest ranked siding company siding company in Tulsa Oklahoma and there are several reasons for this crazy great achievement!

One of the main reasons that we rank so highly within the Tulsa community is the consistency of our detail on the siding projects in Tulsa. Tulsa has become a place where it is worth investing into your home and one of the best ways to do that is with James Hardy fiber cement siding that will last you a lifetime. It’s really true, deciding deciding is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to performance and outperforming Products like vinyl siding, LP smart side siding and other thick plastic siding products that people call “Composite”. When it comes down to it the main thing that really stands us apart from everyone else are the detailed installations. These installations are super important to us and the owner Steven inspects all of the installations on every project. Not one project goes by without his approval!!! This is a huge reason why over the years our projects have become very popular with homeowners in Tulsa Oklahoma. We have now been in business for over 17 years and this is another big part of the consistency. I recently read a statistic that most construction companies that start from the ground up have a lifespan of approximately 4.7 years which completely makes sense for me when it comes to a insider point of view on having a construction business like this in Tulsa. I think most businesses that are similar to mine are very “transactionally based” and don’t really look at the big picture. Most of these guys don’t charge enough for a successful project but don’t get me wrong… I completely understand wanting the best “bang for your buck” but choosing the lowest bidder in this business will get you in big trouble. The reason for this is because if you think about what everyone wants, they want a project that goes smoothly, is on time and on budget but what most often happens is things go wrong, they take too long and when a contractor bids the job too tight there are now extras being expected to be paid by the homeowner. Tulsa renew eliminates all of this by fair pricing but not overpricing. We are not the cheapest company in town but we are definitely the highest ranked company. These two aspects do not always go hand-in-hand but more often than not there is some correlation between the two.  Behind the scenes it’s kind of like this, if you don’t charge enough money for the project in the contractor is going to feel very frustrated which intern is going to make the client very frustrated. What happens next is frustration all around… there is frustration with the project from the point of the contractor and consumer. So after the all of this frustration on both ends, do you really think that the contractor is going to show up after the project is done to take care of any warranty issues or any problems? Most likely not…

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At Tulsa Renew, we promise to exceed your expectations in areas like communication, cleanliness, professionalism and a job done right the first time.

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Steven Jones


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