There are so many small details that go into a exterior renovation like a Tulsa Siding Project and many of these things are overlooked by the contractors that people hire trying to save a buck on the project…I get it, you want to find the best “bang for your buck” but its unreal the amount of problem projects that I have ran across in the past 18 years of doing Siding Installations in Tulsa that other contractors have completely butchered the home and left the customers home unfinished and worst off than before they started most of the time. Many times I am called in as an expert witness in the Tulsa County Courts to have a report prepared and witness under oath of the wrongdoings of a project that the customer had a horrible experience to resolve the issue…I have been the company that people call to fix what someone else has done far too many times and most of the time its projects that I have bid on but the customer went with the guy that they just didn’t feel as comfortable with but it saved them $3000 to $4000. The last one we had to fix the customer was awarded $37,000 for the issues to be fixed but was still out $18,000 from the contractor that they are still trying to get money out of and so the guy went out of business and moved away from Tulsa to get out of the situation…super sad.

Ok, for some good news! If you hire the right guy from the beginning you WILL NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS!!!

Sure there are things that don’t go perfectly on a construction job but it is HOW YOU FIX IT that matters! I tell my clients at the beginning of their projects that when we see rotted wood on their home while we are doing their siding, we will just “take care of it” which means exactly that with NO EXTRA CHARGE! The cheaper contractors in Tulsa are so worried about a $2.67 2×4 and a $7.88 sheet of OSB sheathing to fix that rotted wood that they couldn’t see because they have no margin at all and what do you think is going to happen when you have a “WARRANTY ISSUE” years down the line! I bet you that contractor doesn’t show up for the fix or tries to charge for it when it should be covered.

I can’t stress how important these bullet points are when picking your contractor:

  1. Make sure you get good vibes from the contractor and don’t override any bad feeling you get just to save a buck…IT’S NOT WORTH IT!
  2. If there is a big price discrepancy between estimates there might be a reason for this so revisit with the higher priced contractor before signing up with a less expensive guy for this reason. You want to make sure that everything is covered in the scope of work and you are getting everything necessary for a best practice installation. If there is a contractor that is way higher than the others just call them and ask “why the difference” and if there is anything they can do to get the price down if you feel like the price is too high. Don’t be afraid to go over the scope of work from the other contractors with the more expensive guy from the other contractors to get the differences.(there is most ALWAYS a difference with something in the scope of work)
  3. If you have a certified contractor in the mix there are so many reasons to choose this contractor over another that is not certified. Studies show that 97% of certified contractors in their line of work have a 78% higher approval rating from homeowners that hire the certified contractor as opposed to the uncertified contractor. This has a lot to do with how the installation crews have been trained to install according the manufacturer’s best practices by the manufacturer. With James Hardie, the training is intense but you would not believe the small details that are often so easily overlooked even down to how the boards should be removed from the factory stacked pallet for continuity on the wall or the proper placement of nails and what specific nails to use in specific material during the installation. Tulsa Renew is the ONLY certified installation contractor in Oklahoma  and there is a reason!…It’s unbelievable difficult to obtain through the manufacture and having the manufacture back Tulsa Renew in our work that we perform is a huge liability for the James Hardie Siding Company so they want to make sure that its done extremely properly.
  4. Find a contractor that is EXCITED ABOUT YOUR PROJECT!!! If they are excited about your project they will most likely be EXCITED ABOUT MAKING YOU HAPPY!

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