Its a crazy world out there and there are some projects that I have seen in the past 22 years of doing this kind of work that would just blow your mind!

When any of your home improvement projects are not installed properly, its the biggest waist of time, material and money that you can ever experience during your lifetime of home ownership…As a expert witness in the Tulsa County Court System, I have seen the worst of the worst and its usually from companies that claim to “Do it All” or roofing companies that have no business installing your windows, doors or siding on your home (and maybe not even our roof 🤣).

Having a certified installation of the James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is extremely important because of the exact details that need to happen in order to obtain your warranty and get the long lasting results that the product was designed for in Tulsa Oklahoma!

Here is a good diagram of the many different aspects for a proper installation and you would not believe the training that we have had to go through by James Hardie Corporation to obtain the “Elite Certified Contractor” status but its TOTALLY worth it for you the client and for us to make your install the best it can be and to comply with the warranty standards of the James Hardie Corporation.

If you would like a meeting with me at your home to go over what we can do for you to make your home maintenance free and looking amazing the please give us a call anytime at (918)960-1639 and please feel free to check our some of our work in our Gallery section of out website for some design ideas!

Thank you so much!

Steven Jones,


Tulsa Renew