There are a ton of companies in Tulsa that offer siding installation and there are definitely “better companies” than others in and around the city of Tulsa. What I have found after 17 years of being in the home siding renovation/remodel business is that there are very few professionals and there are a ton of “sales” guys and girls pretending to be professionals. 

You can almost smell them coming…they are after the sale and most likely playing the role of being concerned about your home and your strategy towards the goals that you are trying to accomplish by doing a project like siding replacement, window or doors. Here are some key factors to look out for in companies that are sending a sales person to your home instead of a true professional that will look out for you and your home’s best interest.

  • When you reach out to a siding companyTHEY WANT TO ONLY SET AN APPOINTMENT WHEN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE HOME TOGETHER. This is a huge sign that you should RUN! Its a classic sales tactic that companies use to have both of the “decision makers” there at the appointment at the same time so the sales person can “close” the sales appointment, eliminating the excuse of “I need to run this by my spouse” thus getting the sale for the project on the first time to the appointment and not needing to return to sale the appointment. There are several companies in the Tulsa area that practice this tactic on a regular basis and it should be a big warning sign to you as the consumer that you are getting ready to meet with a sales person and not a true professional at this appointment that you are setting to try and solve real issues that you need real solutions too…not to be sold on a project a sales person (sometimes called a “sales designer”, “exterior designer“ or “professional”) recommends a solution to that has never touched a 2×4 in their life! 
  • Getting mailed information to you prior to the sales appointment in fancy folders or pre-appointment emails…These are more ways that companies pre-condition the appointment that they are getting ready to send out a sales person out to you to try and land a new sale instead of sending someone out that will give you the best advice from years of experience about your problem and how to fix that problem. Remember, if the person that you are meeting with is a real professional and has had a good amount of hands-on experience with the solutions that they are presenting for your home, they should be able to tell you the ins and outs of the fix to HOW they are going to be fixing your house. This leads me to my next point…
  • The person that you meet with at the appointment you set up with whatever company you called in Tulsa should be able to explain clearly the exact installation techniques to what their company that they are representing is going to be doing to your home so TEST THEM! Ask them questions about HOW the products that they believe will be the best solution for your home will be specifically installed from the beginning to the end…If they can’t CLEARLY explain to you the steps of installation in more detail than you probably care to hear then they probably have never done it themselves and are not true professionals so you should not take their advice or invest in a company or service that isn’t represented clearly.

These are just a few ways that you can prepare yourself for a not so great experience with a company that is more interested in selling you a project than a longterm solution for you and your home!

If you have these concerns about the companies that you are calling and would like for me to personally meet with you(whether your spouse is there or not, 😂) about what would be the best way to tackle your project please reach out to me anytime!

Steven Jones


Tulsa Renew Siding Company