Most of the time in the Tulsa home improvement market for Tulsa Siding Companies there is only one factor that the sales guys talk about when they meet you at your house for a consultation and that is the PRODUCT that they are selling. There are a few different reasons for this, the first being that the product is what THEY think you should focus on as the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to your project that they would love to sell you. The second HUGE REASON is that they are guys that have little to no experience hands on as an installer or training what so ever, not even knowing about basic installation methods or carpentry 101(I bet the number is 1 in 10 sales guys have ever worn a tool belt in their lives) yet they are at your home portraying themselves as “the expert”…I’m here to tell you that the product a company is offering as their “good, better and best” solution for your home is just a small piece of this picture that a true expert should be painting for the home owner to help them understand the needs of the house for the balance of looks/performance

I’m my 19 years of experience, I have fixed many homes that other companies have completely mishandled the siding, window or door project in Tulsa because they didn’t look at the BIG PICTURE and were too focused on selling a product that their boss said is the best. How can any sales guy come to your house and “help” you make such a big financial decision on such a big asset with so LITTLE EXPERIENCE of their own, telling you what you should do without any idea on how to install it personally.

Fortunately, there are some real experts that have had tool belts on and experienced the projects on a depth of knowledge that goes much deeper than that big company car salesman pretending to be an expert could ever. 

The product is super important but the install is even MORE IMPORTANT and the installation process should be able to be explained in depth to a customer with no hesitation…Remember, because of products like James Hardie Fiber Cement in Tulsa you can literally do this project once and be done for the rest of your life and the homes life but not without the proper installation!

Call us anytime and I will personally answer any questions that you have about renewing your home with Tulsa’s voted BEST James Hardie Siding, Custom Window and Door Company, Tulsa Renew.

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Steven Jones