Does Re-Siding Your Home Add Resale Value?

Your home provides you with shelter, but it also provides you with a great opportunity to build your wealth if you are strategic in helping it increase in value. That means doing ongoing maintenance and repairs that will increase your enjoyment while living there as well as help your home’s asset value to rise. 

You should pay particular attention to exterior improvements. We are often asked, does re-siding your home add resale value? Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. Here are some things you should know about siding and selling your house. 

Smart Home Improvements

It’s well-known that certain home improvements add more value than others. Renovating a kitchen, remodeling bathrooms, replacing doors and windows, as well as tending to the landscape are all very popular.

However, these jobs can also be expensive. And while they will increase your home’s value, wouldn’t it make more sense to try to get the best return on your investment? Re-siding your home costs quite a bit less than some other home improvement jobs, which means less money upfront for you.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that is certainly the case when it comes to your home. Curb appeal is huge, especially when you are trying to convince prospective buyers to pay top dollar.

Old, weathered siding can make a home seem dated and in disrepair. New siding makes a home look more contemporary and sends the message that it is being well taken care of, communicating value to compel buyers.

Other Benefits of New Siding

Re-siding your home can vastly improve its energy efficiency. Not only are you increasing your resale value with high-quality Tulsa siding, but you are also reducing your overall operating costs. You save money today and tomorrow as well. New siding makes your home more airtight and can help with any deficiencies in the insulation.

Another benefit is that you can uncover structural damage that may have happened over time. As your Tulsa siding ages, water tends to get inside, which can cause all kinds of structural damage. Good siding protects your home’s structural integrity and saves you from costly repairs down the road. 

Advances in Siding Technology

As our industry grows, products and materials evolve to provide homeowners with more and more options to improve their homes and build their wealth. 

One such advance is the increasing use of cement siding. Aluminum and vinyl siding can be susceptible to damage from rain and wind. Tulsa Renew offers reliable cement siding with top-rated James Hardie products. 

Cement is more durable and will last much longer (possibly even decades) than siding fabricated from some other materials. It stands up well to both heat and cold and all kinds of weather events. It also has a good reputation against elements like insects and fire. Cement siding is also aesthetically pleasing, offering homeowners a wide array of options concerning color and style.

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