If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home and increase its resale value, one of the best things that you can do is to replace your home’s siding. Not only does fresh siding help protect your home from the elements, but it can also greatly increase your homes curb appeal, making it easier for you to sell. For these reasons, HGTV named replacing siding the number one way to add to a home’s value. However, should you decide to replace your home’s siding, it is important to choose a brand known for its quality, value, and beauty. One of the best options currently on the market is the James Hardie Artisan® collection siding, as this siding combines the classic elegance of traditional wood siding with the endurance of fiber cement siding. If you are considering replacing your home’s siding, here are just a few of the reasons to consider James Hardie Artisan® siding.


One of the greatest benefits of James Hardie siding is that it is extremely durable, and will be able to withstand almost anything mother nature throws at it. James Hardie has spent over 15 years of research developing the perfect fiber cement composition for their siding that has proven to be resistant against cracking, warping, or rotting. It is also extremely impact resistant as well as resistant to being damaged by insects, meaning that you will not have to worry about spraying your siding to protect it against pests. Your Hardie siding will last for decades to come even under the most trying of circumstances.


Not only is James Hardie siding designed to protect your home against a variety of weather conditions, but they have also developed products designed to withstand specific weather conditions, which allows homeowners to choose the product category that will best withstand the elements in their area. For instance, products under the HardieZone® HZ5® designation are designed for wet, freezing climates and are meant to provide the most protection against water intrusion and heat loss. This siding then provides an extra layer of insulation to homes in cold climates, helping to cut down on homeowner’s heating bills during winter.


James Hardie siding is not only extremely durable and designed to withstand the climate in your area, but another added benefit of choosing this siding is that it is extremely low-maintenance. Not only will you not have to worry about this siding rotting or being damaged by insects, but also, James Hardie’s ColorPlus® technology ensures that the color of your siding will not fade. In fact, this siding will never need to be sanded and repainted. The only thing you will need to do to maintain the beauty of your James Hardie siding is to occasionally spray it off to remove dirt and debris.

Comprehensive Warranties

James Hardie is so confident in the quality of the siding they produce that their products come with an extensive, comprehensive warranty. The siding itself comes with a 30-year non-prorated warranty, and the finish products come with a 15-year warranty. This essentially guarantees that by investing in James Hardie siding you will not have to worry about your siding for years, if not decades, to come.
When remodeling your home one of the greatest investments you can make is replacing your home’s siding. In fact, siding replacement has a return on investment of 87%, making it the most valuable upgrade you can perform on your home. Contact us to learn more about what makes James Hardie products unique, as well as to find out what product would be best for your home based on your preferences and the unique Tulsa climate.