Is Hardieplank Siding Really Better Than Vinyl Siding?Vinyl siding has been a standby for many years. It’s cheap, attractive, and under the right circumstances it can last significantly longer than wood siding will. However, can vinyl hold its own when compared with hardieplank siding?

What is Hardieplank Siding?

Hardieplank siding is made of fiber cement. Composed of cellulose, sand, and cement, this material is extremely durable, long-lived, and it comes with a huge variety of aesthetic choices. If you want boards that look like stained oak, you can do that. If you’d prefer siding that resembles lighter-colored beech wood, you can do that as well. Resistant to everything from sun and rain to insects and vermin, hardieplank siding brings a strength that homeowners have come to trust.

How Does it Compare to Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is not without its benefits. It’s inexpensive, it has rich coloring, and it is simple to install. However, according to this source, vinyl siding does possess serious weaknesses. Among those weaknesses are its tendency to fade when left in direct sunlight for too long, the relatively small variety of colors that vinyl siding comes in, and its tendency to melt and warp when exposed to heat (such as that from a barbecue, or from reflections off of a window).
Hardieplank siding comes out ahead in every field in this comparison. It comes in a wide variety of textures and colors, it is completely recyclable (as opposed to vinyl, which is only partially recyclable), and it’s nearly impervious to temperatures and brightness. In fact, hardieplank siding can last a decade or more, barring extreme weather like hurricanes or tornadoes, before it has to be replaced. When looked at as a long-term investment, it’s no wonder it’s become so much more popular than vinyl siding.
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