Fiber-Cement-Siding-Better-Than-Wood-SidingWood siding has been a reliable standby in home construction for centuries. While we can create pressure-treated, high-quality wood siding thanks to advances in technology, the basic principles are still the same. Also, while there’s no denying that wood siding is both attractive and functional, there are many ways that it just can’t compete with fiber cement siding.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding sounds like a gray, ugly material, doesn’t it? You know, the sort of thing that would make your home look like a WWII bunker; perfectly safe, but you wouldn’t want to live in it.
Fortunately that isn’t what fiber cement siding is at all. These boards are made from sand, cellulose fibers, and cement, which are all pressed into the shape a homeowner wants. So if you want siding that perfectly mimics the grain of oak wood, you can have that. If you want it to look like the heat panels on the space shuttle, you could do that as well. The boards are dyed to your specific colors, which means that you can have siding that looks like practically anything.

The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

In addition to being able to mimic patterns and colors, fiber cement siding brings a number of other strengths to the table when compared to wood siding. For example, fiber cement is completely recyclable. If it has to be replaced or cut to size, then it can be ground up and remade into new material with no waste.
Fiber cement siding protects against wind, rain, and direct exposure to the sun in ways that wood simply doesn’t. Fiber cement siding will actively keep out insects and vermin that wood siding might attract. To top it all off, fiber cement siding can last for decades longer than wood siding without showing any of the effects of time or the elements.
If you’d like more information about fiber cement siding, and how it can improve your home, simply contact us today!