Many-Benefits-James-Hardie-SidingJames Hardie siding is growing more and more popular with homeowners every passing year. While the idea of fiber cement siding might not sound appealing at first, there is a definite reason this cladding is outstripping the competition.

The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding, also called Hardieplank siding, is made of fiber cement. The process involves combining sand, cellulose fibers (which come naturally from plants), and cement to create a durable form of cladding. Because of its unique nature this siding can be pressed into any number of forms, and it can be dyed with a variety of colors and shades. So if you want fiber cement boards that look like redwood, or cherry, or even aged oak, you can make that happen.
While James Hardie siding is attractive, it’s also durable. Actual wood siding fades when exposed to direct sunlight, and it’s a target for all kinds of burrowing insects from termites to ants. Vinyl siding can release harmful substances, and even get warped in extreme heat. Aluminum siding will need repainted, and is often an eye sore. James Hardie siding, by comparison, will maintain its color and appearance for years in rain, shine, snow, sleet, and any other adverse condition you can throw at it.
How long down James Hardie siding last? Well, barring conditions like a hurricane, a tornado, or a rain of frozen frogs (which has been known to happen in some parts of the world), this siding can last for decades. You never have to paint it, never have to bother with it, and when you do eventually have to remove it the fiber cement boards can be recycled and turned into new siding!
So what are you waiting for? Why not find out what James Hardie siding can do for your house, and contact us today!