What-is-James-Hardie-SidingChoosing the right siding for your Tulsa home isn’t an easy task. You want siding that is going to be strong, but you also want it to be attractive. You want something that’s environmentally safe, but which doesn’t need constant maintenance and upkeep. Your siding should be durable, but it shouldn’t make your home look like a compound.
Finding a single type of siding that can do all of that might sound impossible. Unless you opt for James Hardie siding.

What’s So Special About James Hardie Siding?

The short answer is that it provides the best of all worlds. James Hardie siding is a product made of fiber cement, which means that it has all the strengths of cement, but it can be shaped and colored to give your home any kind of contour you want. If you want to have siding that looks like cedar shingles or oak planks, James Hardie siding can create that look while still giving you siding that can shrug off rain and shine for years without any noticeable effects.
In addition to its strength and the sheer variety of appearances James Hardie siding can take on, it’s also a completely recyclable product. This makes it ecologically friendly, particularly when compared to the treated wood or vinyl siding options on the market (the latter of which have released harmful gases in the past during heat waves).
If your home is your castle then James Hardie siding can make sure your walls won’t be breached by pests, rot, or any of the thousand other things trying to get inside every day. This siding lets your home stay safe, warm, and most of all beautiful for today and tomorrow.
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