tulsa-home-castle-fiber-cement-sidingA home is many things, but one of the universal truths of having a home is that it’s a place you should feel safe and at peace. It stands against the world, protecting you and your family against the harshness of life as well as the ravages of the elements. While any home can protect you from the former, if you have the wrong siding on your house the latter can become a serious issue pretty quickly.

Wood and Vinyl Siding Just Don’t Hold Up

Wood and vinyl siding are traditional materials, and they’ve been used for decades on a variety of homes around Tulsa. While they can be attractive at first these siding options have many problems. Some of the most common issues are:

  • Moisture: Wood siding can rot in both heat and in the damp, meaning it will need to be replaced more often as your house starts molting.
  • Toxins: Vinyl siding might seem like a smart move, but at high temperatures it can melt and releases toxins into the air according to this source.
  • Weakens Over Time: While vinyl might last longer than wood more often than not, but of these siding options will fade and grow brittle when exposed to constant heat, cold, and the glare of the sun.

What options are there other than vinyl or wood siding though? After all you can’t leave your home naked and exposed. No you can’t, which is why you should invest in fiber cement siding.

What Makes Fiber Cement Siding So Great?

Fiber cement siding beats wood and vinyl in practically every area. It’s more resistant to impacts, to fire, to insects, to temperature, and to the long-term results of the sun. Fiber cement is armor for your home, and it will help your house stand the test of time without giving up its pleasant look and safe atmosphere. Easy to maintain and simple to keep clean, fiber cement siding will be there for you when you need it.
For more information on how fiber cement siding can improve your Tulsa home simply contact Tulsa Renew, the leading fiber cement siding contractor in Tulsa today!