Biggest Benefits Of Fiber Cement SidingDeciding on a siding for your Tulsa home is quite a step. You want your choice to be durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. This is quite a tall order, but luckily fiber cement siding can fill it quite nicely.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

By definition, it is a building material made up of sand, cellulose, and cement. It is most often used on the exterior of homes and can be manufactured to mimic wood grain, shingles, stone, and clapboard. With fiber cement siding, you get all the benefits of masonry with the excellent aesthetics of wood. It is so beautiful and durable that it has even been approved for use in the renovation of antique homes.

What Are The Benefits?

In this article, we will list five of the biggest benefits home owners get when they use fiber cement as their home’s siding.

  • Ease Of Installation – The strips of fiber cement siding are pressed then sealed in the factory. All that needs to be done on-site is the installation itself along with a protective coat of exterior paint.
  • Versatile Appearances – Fiber cement siding is available in a huge assortment of textures, shapes, sizes, and colors. It can blend seamlessly in with the decor style and colors of any home.
  • Durable And Strong – Fiber cement will not easily warp or fade, even in the harshest conditions. Additionally, it has a class A fire retardant rating, is termite proof, and will not rot.
  • Value for Money – The cost of the siding itself and the installation is similar to that of high quality vinyl siding, but with one major difference… you’re not covering your home in plastic!
  • Warranty Protection – If you have a reputable siding company supplying and installing the fiber cement siding there are usually lifetime warranties associated with the project.

If you’re still on the fence about what siding material would best suit your home, we invite you to visit our siding page for more information. Additionally, you may contact us with any questions or comments.