reasons-to-install-James-hardie-sidingWhen you install siding on your house, you expect it to withstand all kinds of weather for years and to look good doing it. If you haven’t thought of using James Hardie Siding – a type of fiber cement siding – you should now.

Why Should You Choose James Hardie Siding?

1. It resists moisture, rot, and fire. The sides of your house keep you safe and dry from the elements outside. You don’t want it to damage in the first big storm of the year or gradually overtime. And if by unhappy occurrence it is exposed to a direct flame, it won’t ignite or contribute to a fire. (Read more here.)
2. Fiber cement siding means it won’t attract pests like woodpeckers or termites. The last thing you want to do after getting new siding is worry about something getting into your house through it. So get this siding and don’t worry about because you don’t need to.
3. James Hardie products use ColorPlus Technology. This keeps it looking good longer. How is it done? All surfaces have multiple coats of paint, 50% more than the average house painter uses, bake in between coats, and do not involved vinyl, so it does not fade in the sun.
4. It looks and feels like woodgrain. With that great wood look you love and ColorPlus Technology, you have a winning combination.
5. Overall, it beats other types of siding. Fiber cement siding was literally invented by James Hardie, and unsurprisingly it is always above other brands’ versions. It comes with a 30-year non-prorated warranty, has high post-purchase satisfaction, and is America’s number 1 most popular siding choice. Want to learn more about why you should go with James Hardie siding?
Now that you know a little about James Hardie siding, I’m sure you’re wondering about what it would be like on your home. Contact us or call 918-960-1639 for a free estimate or to ask any other questions you may have.
For more information on James Hardie siding in Tulsa, check out our design center and FAQs on James Hardie in general. We’re here to exceed your expectations in every way, and that applies to this already great siding.