hardieplank siding tulsaIt is not fun going to sleep at night and not feeling safe in your own home. Tulsa Renew wants you to have the most protection possible in your house. The windows in your home need to be secured and sealed so that you know you are safe. Here are a couple ways that you can make sure your windows are completely locked tight.

Security For Children

In Tulsa, we have some of the best breezes and the best weather around this time of year. This allows us to open our windows and let the fresh air circulate throughout our home. This open window also allows your kiddoes to climb into it and possibly injure themselves by falling out.
You can easily change this by doing a double-hung window. This allows you to have an open window for the beautiful breeze AND leaving the bottom securely closed.

Security Against Intruders

Privacy Films can maintain your privacy while allowing natural light into your home. Privacy films come in different types and can be used to reduce UV rays from coming into your home.
Safety films provide a little more protection for your home. After you put on your safety film, it creates a protective barrier by holding the glass together if someone tries to break the windowpane.
Locks on windows are typically installed with simple sense of security. But if you want to take your security to the next step, you can install an additional lock…

  • Locking Pins
  • Vent Locks
  • Hinged Wedge Locks
  • Keyed turnbuckle

Tulsa Renew

Keeping you and your family safe is important to us. We know that with these simple steps, it can help the protection of your house a ton. At Tulsa Renew, we replace windows. If you think it is time to upgrade the windows of your home then give us a call today! Our trained professionals will make this the best remodeling experience for you.