windows and glass doorsOther than the aesthetic benefits glass windows and doors provide, they can also cut energy costs. They allow natural light to pass through and illuminate the rooms and hallways. So it’s important to keep them clean and clear, and eliminate dust or fog buildup.
Glass doesn’t require much attention, but that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect cleaning it. Glass stains and streaks are not ordinary; they’re difficult to remove. Below are some of our tips to clean your glass doors and replacement windows efficiently.

General Precautions

Never clean your windows under direct sunlight, as it can dry the cleaning solution. When that happens, the solution will leave streaks and marks. You can go for a home-produced solution. Mix 1 part vinegar with 10 parts water to come up with an effective cleaning solution. You should avoid ammonia and other abrasive cleaning agents.

Cleaning Process

Start by dampening the glass with clean water. This is to remove visible dust and dirt. Afterwards, spray it with the cleaning solution. Let it stand for about 5 minutes, and then wipe it using a sponge. Make sure to wipe away all the traces so there will be no dry marks.
Use acetone if the dirt is that difficult to remove. Examples of stubborn dirt include tape marks, grease, and oil. Again, dampen the glass with clean water, and instead of using the vinegar solution, use acetone.

Maintenance Tips

It’s advisable to carry out a regular maintenance routine. Observe the windows in high areas of exposure. When there’s a problem or the parts need replacements, don’t hesitate to call Tulsa Renew.

Other Reminders

Don’t forget to clean the handles and hinges. As they’re usually made of metal, you will have to do away with abrasive cleaning solutions. Don’t use metal scrapers or pointed objects when scraping stubborn dirt.
Now that your replacement windows and glass doors are clean, what you will need to do next is to keep an eye out on possible sources of dirt. In case the problem is as serious as breakage or replacements, there’s one provider you can always count on. Call us today or browse our website to see more of our services.