In the real world, nothing protects better than James Hardie® Siding.

And that is why Tulsa Renew specializes in James Hardie fiber-cement siding products, because when it comes down to it, nothing protects your home better than James Hardie siding. It’s tougher than the elements!
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Weather Protection

James Hardie siding products are Engineered for Climate®, meaning they’ve formulated a unique product for wet, freezing climates and another for hot, humid climates. So while OSB siding may experience swelling and edge checking in response to changes in climatic conditions, James Hardie® siding stands up to storms, hail, wind and extreme temperatures, reducing time and money spent on maintenance.
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Water Protection

James Hardie siding is Engineered for Climate® to resist damage from water including issues like mold, swelling and cracking, reducing the need for costly upkeep or repair. On the other hand, OSB siding is susceptible to swelling and expansion caused by water absorption.
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Age Protection

From the first year to years down the road, the beauty of James Hardie siding is unrivaled. Because it’s created to stand up to the demands of your specific climate, James Hardie siding stays beautiful longer, reducing time and money spent on maintenance. Unlike cedar siding, it resists expansion and contraction, retaining finish adhesion over time. And with ColorPlus® Technology, a baked-on color option, you get vibrant color and a long-lasting, beautiful exterior.
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Fire Protection

James Hardie fiber cement siding is fire-resistant, which is why it’s endorsed by firefighters nationwide*. OSB siding will eventually turn to ash when met with a flame. Vinyl siding actually melts from the sun reflecting off of new, Low-E windows. Not surprisingly, it also melts when near fire. By choosing James Hardie siding, you’ll be confident that you’re protecting your biggest asset.
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Pest Protection

The animals that make nature wonderful can be a torment on homes. Some types of siding fall prey to Mother Nature’s creatures. Because it’s wood, cedar siding can be pecked by birds and devoured by insects. But James Hardie fiber cement siding offers little appeal to critters and won’t be eaten by termites, providing unmatched peace of mind and protection.

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