tulsa-hardiplank-siding-stoneFor those who are looking for quality stone siding in Tulsa, here are some things to consider. Fiber cement siding, such as Hardiplank is one of the best products you can use in conjunction with stone siding.

New Look for Siding in Tulsa!

Hardieplank in Tulsa has grown to be one of the most popular siding products. Its popularity is due to the fact that much of the new construction these days is going for an affluent appearance, and Hardieplank siding goes with that nicely. Many new homes have been built with the Hardie Color Plus siding along with modern stonework. This look gives an inviting look that accentuates both types of siding and gives a feeling of permanence and comfort. Stonework and masonry have long been higher end siding products. Wood has typically been the preferred product to go with that. Now, cement fiber-board siding products are a strong alternative. It’s a high quality product that eliminates many of the drawbacks of wood, while accenting stone siding nicely.
The main drawback of wood siding is wood rot and insects. Avoiding this requires frequently painting or staining to make sure that your wood is sealed. Once it gets water damaged, your only option is replacement. Fiber cement board siding will never rot. If you get the Color Plus option, you’ll never have to paint either. With the different sizes of Tulsa Hardieplank, you can have different reveals. You can also use products like Hardieshake, for accent in gables, or even use Hardiepanels for a board and batten look. All of these are accented well with stone siding.

Tulsa Stone Siding

Stonework for siding can take on several different looks, all of which give a strong appearance to a home. Very popular is stack stone, which comes in several different varieties. There is also a river rock, which can be either big or small, boulder rock, sandstone, or even granite. Though not impossible, you will seldom see a home done completely in stonework. It is usually an accent to certain features of the house. This can be an entrance, under the windows, or it can skirt the house all the way around. This is where creativity takes over.
Tulsa Renew is an experienced installers of Hardiplank siding in Tulsa that are also very good at stone siding too. Because of the architectural demands of modern buildings, a siding company needs to be good at all the types of siding that show up in new construction. Because of the demand, stone siding Tulsa is more competitively priced than ever before. Together, they make a winning combination for any home, of any price. Contact the Tulsa Hardiplank and stone siding experts, Tulsa Renew for a free, no-obligation consultation.