There are plenty of options out there when it comes to siding for your Tulsa home. At first, it might seem that many of the siding products available are more or less equal. But a closer look reveals why fiber cement siding stands tall above the rest.


Fiber cement siding in Tulsa is much more durable than wood siding and especially vinyl siding. (Click here to see the end of vinyl siding’s short-lived life). Since fiber cement siding is made from a mixture containing cement, sand, and other durable materials, it easily withstands weather extremes, include the strong winds we have here in Tulsa. When water eventually seeps into wood siding, it begins to rot and fall apart. And vinyl fades, warps, cracks, and easily chips upon impact. And what about those pesky termites? Fiber cement siding cannot be penetrated by these insects.

Fire Rating

Have you ever seen thin plastic burn? It happens very quickly, and it releases all kinds of toxic fumes. Vinyl siding doesn’t stand a chance against fires. And wood siding doesn’t perform much better, igniting in short order. Fiber cement siding holds a Class 1 (A) Fire Rating! It won’t melt when your grill is left too close. And it simply won’t catch fire. In fact, some insurance companies offer lower rates if your home has fiber cement siding in Tulsa!


Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of shapes, textures, and patterns. Whatever the style of your home or neighborhood, fiber cement siding can make your house look beautiful for years to come. Tulsa Renew provides expert installation of James Hardie fiber cement products. Here are a few examples:
james hardie siding samples
Tulsa Renew offers a 50 Year Guarantee on siding & paint. 50 Years! How do you think vinyl or wood will look in 50 years? They just don’t compare to the benefits of fiber cement siding. Call Tulsa Renew today for a free, no-obligation consultation. (918) 960-1639.