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Wow. Wow. Wow!!! Basically the Wise’s let me just run wild with this one and do what I wanted to their home… I had so much fun with this project and they now have a TOTALLY transformed home that is absolutely adorable 🙂

Here is the scope of work that we performed on this home:

  • New James Hardie Siding installation and shingles in the front gable
  • New Soffit and Facia in the James Hardie Siding material
  • Kept the framing of the front porch but totally transformed and beefed up the look of this to a classy stained farmhouse look with a natural cedar stain
  • Added Pine Car Siding to the ceiling of the front porch and stained it to blend to the new front door
  • Installed all new windows on the home
  • Installed new front and back fiberglass doors and stained them
  • Rewired the electric in the front of the house to install a switched plug and install custom durable string lights around the front porch
  • Installed new light fixtures on the home
  • Installed the front porch swing after all was finished

We also had to fabricate some new roof metal for the front gable because it was missing after replacing the facia.

The Wise family was extremely “Wise” to choose Tulsa Renew haha

Please call us anytime and I would love to meet you at your house for a design consult!

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Steven Jones
Owner, Tulsa Renew

Tulsa Patio Builders by Tulsa Renew

Bob Yandian has been a long time family friend was so happy to design and build him and his wife a great outdoor area that they could enjoy for the rest of their lives! On this patio We built a gable end out of cedar and and incorporated a wood burning fireplace to the end of the gable.

We also installed a pine car-siding ceiling to the structure and carried it throughout the rest of the existing patio, added more can lights and custom string lights to the perimeter. We built custom firewood racks on each side of the chimney to make it symmetrical. Hope you enjoy as much a we enjoyed building it!

If you’re interested in a new or old home remodel to update the siding or add a patio in Tulsa please call anytime at 918-960-1639 or visit to reach out to us anytime!

Steven Jones

Tulsa Patios Home Makeover with Tulsa Renew Professionals

This project was so much fun and it was actually a 50th-anniversary wedding gift to each other… We were so happy to work for the millers and wish them the happiest wedding anniversary ever! We actually painted the house after constructing an outdoor living area, back patio. You’ll notice there is a place for a TV now that we’ve mounted and built a small kitchen coming out of the back door to the right. They had a gas line running on the side of the house which made it perfect for us to tie in a natural gas barbecue grill. We match the countertops on the exterior with a black leathered granite that just looks excellent with the brick that we also matched from their home to make the island for the outdoor kitchen.

They pretty much just let me run wild with this one and make the space as functional as possible. Things we had to accompany for were the birdwatching that they love and making sure that we did not block the view of the great field that they have behind them. We added string lights on a dimmer switch and a ceiling fan to make things more comfortable in the summertime.

If you’re interested in a new or old home remodel to update the siding or add a patio in Tulsa please call anytime at 918-960-1639 or visit to reach out to us anytime!

Steven Jones

Tulsa Patios Complete Makeover with Tulsa Renew Professionals

​Mr. and Mrs. Ketter had a really cool house on the corner of 45th and Peoria that they recently purchased and need to get rid of the vinyl siding. After pulling up to their home I immediately saw the potential for an amazing outdoor area between the garage and the main part of the house. The Ketter’s had space there with a makeshift patio cover but after a few conversations we came up with a design to tie in the covered area with the rest of the house and add some features to make it an awesome place to hang out!

First, we added the roof for the patio with a “car-siding” ceiling and open rafter tails out of pine and cedar…then we added the fireplace chimney and the Ketter’s picked out the stone that we used for the fireplace. We made the patio to have a gas fireplace and incorporated an Infratech outdoor dual-element heater on the north side of the sitting area for extra comfort. I have found that by adding sufficient ceiling fans and outdoor heaters the exterior rooms can be used more often throughout the year and extends the time you get to hang outside in the crazy Oklahoma weather. As icing on the cake…we built a coy pond in front of the chimney to replace an old one that the Ketter’s have had there for years. One of our favorite projects is to take on creative and challenging incorporated patios onto homes in the front and back yards…SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in a patio or outdoor living area built on your home please reach out to my office at 918-960-1639 and I will meet with you anytime!

Steven Jones

Renovate & Remodel Your Home with Tulsa Renew Professionals

When the Kimball‘s came to me asking for an update on their home they had several problems. There was a window in the backyard that was leaking and had rotted out the substrate as well as some of the sheet rock on the interior of the home. We were able to fix all of this with this project. We removed all of the siding from the walls, installed new 7/16 OSB and then installed moisture barrier, hardy trim and James Hardie fiber cement siding in a grained lap.

This all came together beautifully and they are so happy with the final product which makes all of us at Tulsa Renew extremely happy for another job well done from the highest ranked in customer service siding company in Tulsa!

Add Some Extra Spark to Your Home With Tulsa Renew

Mr. and Mrs. Tiller came to me with specifics regarding design on this Tulsa siding project. Because of the dimensional lumber that is used but in fiber cement products we were able to achieve it! With James Hardie fiber cement products in Tulsa Oklahoma we can actually mimic or replace exact replicas of different profiles and designs that could only be achieved previously by using wood products that would eventually need extra maintenance or completely replaced.

It’s so much fun turning a family loved home into a dream. We have the best time with these transformations in Tulsa which is why we are the highest ranked siding company in the Tulsa area and love to when our clients over with over communication and great customer service!

Tulsa Renew Facilitates Above & Beyond Standard Home Renovations

On this project, we removed all of the existing siding and placed it in a dumpster on site because we are obsessed with keeping things clean during the project and organized. We then Installed new custom flashing and Tyvek moisture barrier to all the sidewalls to receive the new James Hardie fiber cement siding that will make this Tulsa home come to life!

The goal of this project was to make this home as maintenance-free as possible while keeping an immaculate curb appeal and a timeless look. We at Tulsa Renew siding company feel like this was achieved using the siding and the incorporated accents. We had a great time working on this project and would love to work for you! Please call us anytime at 918-960-1639 for a free design consultation!

Enhance Your Home Interior and Exterior with Tulsa Renew

Such a fun project! The Dotsons called and said “make my house look awesome Steven“ so I got to work with a new color palette, new cedar accents on the front such as the front porch post, new shutters and then we painted the front door tricorn black to let the cedar accents really pop. We also installed new gutters and painted the side stairs that they had going up to the second floor as well as installing one new window. Love these projects! Let’s start yours. Please call us anytime at 918-960-1639 for a free design consultation!

Tulsa Renew Specializes in Home Renovation – Striving for Perfection!

Chuck Misener called Tulsa Renew and was really excited about renovating his 1920s historic home in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. We replaced all of the exterior siding with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding that was similar to the original look at the home in the 1920s. There were some challenging but fun areas on this home such as the soffit and facia that were original that we decided to keep and renovate with the home exterior project. We replaced most of the brackets on the homes that were holding up the soffit and repaired and painted the car siding soffit to keep with the original look of the home. It really turned out great and I hope you enjoy the video of the before and after!

We cut our teeth working on historic properties in Tulsa and really have a passion for restoring these old homes that have such great aesthetic aspects! Please give us a call anytime and Stephen our owner will come out and do a design consultation with you on a time that works for your schedule! Call 918-960-1639 for a free design consultation!

We Re-design Patios and Porches in No Time at Tulsa Renew

We have been constructing outdoor living spaces like this patio for years at Tulsa Renew… Although most people know us for our siding work we absolutely love mixing it up and doing this kind of patio construction as well as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

Mitch & Krysta we’re actually previous clients of ours on their siding work for the home and when they saw a Facebook video of one of our patio projects they called right away and we got to work building this lovely patio that blends in with their home and creates a great place to hang out on their back patio. We would love to talk to you about your patio project or outdoor living space so please reach out to us anytime by filling out a contact form or calling 918-960-1639.

Tulsa Renew- An Ideal Solution for Your Home Design

Sometimes Tulsa homes that were built in the 80s and 90s just need a facelift to bring them in to the 21st-century! On this project we custom built new shutters and replaced the siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding product that is great for the Tulsa weather. Another thing you can notice in the video is how we went from a more traditional “colonial“ look on the front porch with the round columns and the arched beams to a completely new look of 8 x 8 cedar posts as well as New stained pane car siding ceilings on the front porch.


This was such a fun project and we look forward to potentially working for you! Give me a call anytime and I will personally come out to help you with the design of your home! Sincerely, Steven Jones, Owner Tulsa Renew. Give us a call at 918-960-1639.


Achieve a Timeless Look For Your Home With Tulsa Renew

Wow! What a transformation! This classic Tulsa siding project didn’t come without its challenges but we are so happy with the outcome. Mike and Vikkie called my office to set up an appointment, we met and had the best time designing this timeless look for there Tulsa Woodward park home.

The previous homeowner had installed Vinyl siding and it wasn’t holding up well to the harsh Oklahoma weather, Mike even had a spot on the back wall where his grill was that was curled up from the heat of a BBQ grill getting to close to the vinyl siding. On the west wall of this home below the flat roof balcony area, was the biggest problem. Because of water getting behind the vinyl siding, the framing of that wall was rotten out so badly that you could literally scope them out with your hand, a window even fell out and we had to reinstall it after making the framing repairs to the opening.

The sheetrock on the interior had to be repaired from all of the unseen damage so we took care of that as well. The James Hardie siding on this home is a classic 8 1/4” grained lap siding called “cedar mill”. This siding has a nice grained finish to it but looks classy and not too rustic. The paint color I choose for them is Sherwin Williams Alabaster White and the shutter/front door color is Sherwin Williams Seal Skin. We also repositioned the back patio lights as well the front porch lights from the sides of the porch to either side of the front door.

Thank you Mike and Vikkie for letting us work for you and I hope you enjoy your home for years to come!

Sincerely, Steven Jones, Owner Tulsa Renew. Give us a call at 918-960-1639.


Transform Your Exterior Home With Tulsa Renew Experts

On Terri’s project we had vinyl siding to completely remove, trash the old gutters and get ready for a complete new exterior! We had a great time remodeling this house and now this Tulsa home has beautiful character with a long lasting dark, rich color. The cedar accents were something we needed to do to set things off as well as staining the steel garage door to have it blend with the cedar accents. We also completely removed and reinstalled the front porch patio as well as the walkways and the driveway.

We had such a great time working on this project and would love to work for you! Please call us anytime at 918-960-1639 for a free design consultation!

Increase Your Home Value with Tulsa Renew Exterior Design

Jeremy and his wife called me after us doing one of his employees’ homes and another acquaintance from church. This is over in the 91st and Yale area and was obviously just dated from the 1990s.

A couple things that you will notice on the front of the home. When you see the before shots there is a window above the garage door area that had a round top. We removed that window and frame for a typical twin single hung window unit with energy-efficient glass in the upstairs bedroom and then corrected the sheetrock including the texture and then painted the interior of that room as well.

On the front porch, we installed new cedar posts and got rid of the curves in the beam. You could also notice that all of the shutters are brand new cedar to match the posts. For the two front cables on the house, we installed James Hardie fiber cement shingles which give it a really nice look. We also warmed up the color from the old yellow to a nice gray. This gray is called grizzle gray from Sherwin-Williams and it looks amazing! On the front porch, we did a car siding ceiling. They stained the blend with cedar because this house sits on a hill and I want people to see the front porch to make it look very inviting.

Please call us anytime at 918-960-1639 for a free design consultation!

Brighten Your Exterior Home with Tulsa Renew Exterior Home Renovations

The Anderson’s called me looking for a long-term solution that would be maintenance-free and where they would not have to paint again because they plan on staying in their home and possibly even passing it down to their children. This house is out in verdigris and has a really nice setting with trees all around it.

We wanted to keep the farm type look and did that by using real one-by-two board and batten in place of 4-inch T1-11 siding that was on the home since it was built. You’ll notice the front door from the before pictures were actually offset and it was a single door. We replaced this with a door that has a sidelight on it and this door is actually fiberglass even though it looks just like wood. We custom-stained it to match a picture frame that they loved in their home to have the same tone of wood stain. The door has also been centered in the stairs so we reframed the opening and fixed the light fixtures on either side of the door. On the interior of the door, we installed new sheetrock around the perimeter and trimmed the door with a stain-grade casing. What an amazing transformation that will last a lifetime!

If you’re looking for an exterior home renovation project that you only have to do one time… Please give us a call anytime here at Tulsa Renew!

(918) 960-1639

Steven Jones
Owner, Tulsa Renew

Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with Tulsa Renew

Tulsa Renew construction designing and building outdoor living spaces and patios has just skyrocketed with the Tulsa people and the surrounding areas! We’ve always done this but we have not always emphasized it or it has been an additional scope of work to homes that we are already doing James Hardie fiber cement siding in Tulsa on. With this project, we added an outdoor gas fireplace, a heater that is controlled electrically mounted to the back wall, some outlets, and a ceiling fan. We even added some string lights around the perimeter of the beams that are durable for long-lasting use. In this one, we actually tore out the existing patio and poured a brand new patio with a nice broom finish on the concrete. As a final touch with stone on the fireplace, we countersank the television.

If you would like for us to take a look at your home and give you some ideas for a nice outdoor living space please contact us anytime at 918-960-1639 or fill out the form online at and we will get back to you super quickly!

Thank you so much for watching the video and please reach out anytime!

Steven Jones
Owner, Tulsa Renew

A Beautiful Transformation By Tulsa Renew Home Siding Professionals

This was basically a large country French cottage that we transformed from old Masonite siding to James Hardie fiber cement siding in Tulsa. We changed out the old lap siding with single James Hardie siding and it just turned out beautifully! Several aspects of this project were changes to the porch ceilings on the back guest house and the front porch ceiling to car siding ceiling that is pine and that we stained to give it an American walnut look.

We also extended the front porch patio concrete and installed flagstone. You’ll notice at the front porch post has gone from a 4 x 4 post to a 8 x 8 post in rough cedar as well as the front porch accents from major change. We actually added a curved cedar accent in the front and then filled the gaps with beautifully textured stucco and real copper flashing. As we were doing the project we realized that the front windows needed to be replaced so we replaced them with a custom wood window and then stained the exterior to match with the stained patio ceilings and the front post as well as the cedar shutters that we custom-built.

This was such a fun project and we would love to work for you so please call anytime to inquire about a design from me at 918-960-1639 or visit to reach out to me anytime! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our video!

Steven Jones
Owner, Tulsa Renew

Tulsa Renew Specializes in Home Remodeling and Carpentry Work

We cut our teeth at Tulsa Renew on remodeling historic homes in Tulsa and especially doing carpentry work and siding in Tulsa on old homes that need extra attention in areas like rotting siding, taking off multiple layers of old vinyl siding in Tulsa, and reconstructing houses from the early 1900s to make them look original and not have a look to them that does not appeal to the era of the home no matter the style or the age.

This home, built in the early 1920s, had three layers of siding as well as an addition that was poorly constructed. We completely remodeled the exterior as well as built this beautiful front Tulsa Patio that made the house come alive again! The siding on this project is James Hardie fiber cement siding that we use all over Tulsa siding projects.

If you’re interested in a new or old home remodel to update the siding or add a patio in Tulsa please call anytime at 918-960-1639 or visit to reach out to us anytime!

Steven Jones
Owner, Tulsa Renew

Tulsa Renew Facilitated Winsome House Look- An Absolute Standout

We just kept going on this house! First we started with the siding and then moved on to the windows, doing a black window frame with some black gutters. The siding on the house we replaced with James Hardie fiber cement but we did it in a staggered edged shingle. After we were complete with the siding we painted the entire house including the brick with Sherwin-Williams alabaster white and then replaced the two back doors with fiberglass full view doors with blinds between the glass and replaced all of the storm doors with black Anderson series 3000 vented storm doors. For a fun touch, we added some landscape lighting in the front of the home and it looks absolutely amazing in the evening lit up!

I would love to come out and give you an estimate and some design ideas to update your home! Please call me anytime at 918-960-1639 or visit us at fill out the contact us form and I will reach out to you quickly!

Thanks for watching,
Steven Jones

Tulsa Siding On Fire? 🔥 😮

You would not believe how amazing a Tulsa Siding Product can be when it comes to having a Fire Resistant Siding in Tulsa you can count on James Hardie Siding in Tulsa to give you the absolute best results when it comes to keeping your siding from catching on fire and there is not another siding product in Tulsa like this out there!
Here is a quote straight from the James Hardie Website about the fire benefit to James Hardie Cement Siding In Tulsa:
“The property of a wall assembly used in conjunction with JamesHardie Fiber Cement that prevents or retards the passage of excessive heat, hot gases or flames under conditions of use.”
“In case of a fire, you want to know that walls of your house will protect you while your family seeks safety. Fire feasts on wood, and it melts vinyl almost instantly. But James Hardie siding will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute fuel to a fire.”
This is just unbelievable to me but I have many times displayed this great benefit at home shows with a propane torch at the home and garden shows in Tulsa throughout the years and Here is a really cool YouTube video about how this performs in comparison to other siding products in the Tulsa area!

James Hardie Siding is really great for rural homes that need some extra protection from the elements because of where they are located in an area that is more exposed to wild fires 🔥 and we get a ton of calls for this in those areas but its also really great for the city and suburbs because of two reasons:

  1. If there is a fire next door to your house the likelihood that your house will burn down from the neighbors flames is extremely rare.
  2. It is the only product that I can think of that gives you a maintenance free aspect to it and also looks BEAUTIFUL! (Cant say the same for plastic vinyl siding or even LP Smart Siding) 

Want to learn more?
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Thank you so much for talking the time to read our blog and we look forward to serving you and your home! 
Steven Jones 
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